The EMT is the introductory level of EMS training and gives students the knowledge needed to work as an Emergency Medical Technician. The course combines lecture and lab training to cover such topics as scene safety, EMS systems, communication, documentation, patient assessment, airway management, traumatic injuries, medical emergencies and more. All skills necessary to provide emergency medical care for the trauma and medical patient at the basic life support level. 
Students will also be required to complete a 10 hour clinical experience at local hospitals or EMS facilities to apply classroom knowledge to real life.
• Course length is 150 hours.
• Prerequisites: 
  • 18 years old
  •   Valid Ohio DL or State of Ohio ID
  •   No felonies or misdemeanors involving moral turpitude

• Certification as an EMT Basic in Ohio is contingent upon successfully completing the course requirements and passing the National Registry Written and Practical Exams. 

 For CLASSROOM Course the tuition is $950.00 ( Includes application/registration fee)
A $150.00 prepayment/registration fee (non-refundable) is required upon registration to hold a place in the class. This registration fee is applied to the total tuition.
The remaining balance of $800.00 may be made on the first day of class. 

For Web-Assisted-Hybrid Course the tuition is $1350.00.
A $150.00 prepayment/registration fee (non-refundable) is required upon registration to hold a place in the class. This registration fee is applied to the total tuition. 
​The remaining balance of $1200.00 must be made prior to the class start.

• Other fees for classroom and online students: 
  -  National Registry fee $70.00
  - Classroom Shirt $25.00
  - Clinical Shirt $25.00
  - Students are required to wear black EMS type pants, black belt, and black shoes or boots to the classroom and during clinical time.
  - Textbook fees vary according to publisher prices.Students are responsible to obtain the required textbook. The workbook is provided.


1. Application Procedure: A signed and completed application and payment of the $150.00 non-refundable application fee must be submitted.
     Application may be downloaded here:
 Click here for application

2. Submit a copy of a valid healthcare provider level CPR card that will not expire for the duration of the class time. If you do not have a valid card please indicate on your application whether you will be obtaining one elswhere or are enrolled in a Central Ohio EMS Training CPR Course.

3. Purchase required textbook and materials

No physical or drug screen required

The EMT Basic certification level is required prior to advancement to the higher levels of EMS training.

Books and Supplies

Physical textbook and electronic access
Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Enhanced Tenth Edition Includes Navigate 2 Premier Access
​Use Promotional code 25per18 for a discount. 

Electronic access only -No physical text book  ISBN 97812184075304
Navigate 2 Premier Access for Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick & Injured, Enhanced Tenth Edition
Use Promotional code 25per18 for a discount. 

 Other Supplies and Fees: 
- Highlighters / Pens / Pencils 

- 1 box of gloves (latex free) 

- Microsoft Office with at least Word and Power Point

- Access to a computer with internet access and email is required. 

- Platinum EMS Testing - $48.00 (Instructions and information will be given on the first day of class)

- Central Ohio EMS Training polo (white) (s-xl) - $25.00 +tax
- Central Ohio EMS Training polo (blue) (s-xl) - $25.00+tax
  You will sign up for the polos on the first day of class

- Students are required to wear black or navy blue EMS or Dickie type pants, black belt, and black shoes or boots. You may purchase these anywhere you like. 

- Stethoscope 
An expensive stethoscope is not necessary and is discouraged. 
We recommend a Littman Lightweight 

- B/P cuff 
These items are used regularly by the student and it is beneficial to have your 
own set for practice. 

- Healthcare Provider Level CPR Card. 
Students are required to obtain a HCP level CPR card that will not expire for the 
duration of the program. 
Central Ohio EMS Training will have a CPR course during the first week of the 
Course. If you currently do not have a card, you may enroll in the offered course. The cost is $50.00.

The Web-Assisted-Hybrid Program for EMT
The program runs synchronously with the scheduled classroom program. All assignments and deadlines are the same.
In this program students complete didactic work online. This includes videos, Power Points, handouts, textbook and workbook assignments and quizzes.

Physical attendance in the classroom is required to complete lab / practical skills, the Mid-term exam and the Final exam. Attendance is approximately 11 times throughout the 4-month program on a Tuesday or Thursday evening class from 6:00pm to 9:30pm.

Students are encouraged to attend classroom courses whenever possible to have the added benefit of instructor led learning.
Students must complete 10 hours and 10 assessments in a clinical setting. This is done in the pre-hospital environment in an agency or department that is contracted with our program. Most of the agencies are within a 60-mile radius of our Lucas location. If you are considering enrolling in the online program, please keep this in mind. It is common to require more than 10 hours to complete all 10 assessments and as a web-assisted-hybrid student you will be required to drive to the clinical location(s).

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